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Alief Outdoor Signs
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Alief Outdoor Signs


Royal Signs & Awnings is a trusted designer and manufacturer of outdoor signs in Alief, TX. Your local sign company can provide you with the best promotional outdoor signs that can build your brand and introduce it to potential consumers. Outdoor signs work by catching the attention of masses as it is visible, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

lighted awning sign

Our company houses experienced workers, graphic design specialists, as well as installation experts. They take charge of the whole process; every aspect of the job is thoroughly and professionally handled. Shall any complications arise, the team will have everything figured out. We have a custom signage shop where we perform all the work. We make use of raw materials and eco-friendly methods. We are dedicated to giving you the best outdoor signs that will help in growing your business.

Your business signs give an impression of what the brand is all about towards the customers. Through the signs, you let them know what value you can offer to them through your products and services. You can include a tagline that explains why you are worthy of their choice. We are here to help you deliver a big impact on your target audience. We offer signage of all sizes and price points that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. We are committed to making your brand recognized through smart signage solutions. Our Alief outdoor signs company is dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signs

Storefronts and buildings often have installed signs in order to provide ease for customers who are trying to find the place and lead potential clients in. In choosing the right and appropriate signs, what do you need to consider?

Exterior sign options come in different sizes, colors, designs, styles, and many other factors. But you don’t have to worry about picking the right choice. We got your back! As we begin with the consultation that we offer free of charge just for you, you can discuss your peg with us—everything that you need, everything that you want. We will then discuss with you the pros and cons of your desired result. After that, we will give the best recommendation that will work best for your business, and we’ll let you decide.

Royal Signs & Awnings ensures that we know your business goals, brand identity, products, services, and all the essential details concerning your business marketing. The commercial signage that we manufacture is durable, resilient, and attractive. These allow you to make a difference in the area of business that you’re in. Your customers will have a unique and pleasing perception of your business in general.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

The highlight of channel and dimensional letters is their interesting and inviting finish. What’s more, they are customizable. You can make requests for your preferred look and features. It won’t appear as though it is a separate facet of the store. We make sure that it perfectly blends with your storefront. You can add details and attributes for the channel letters or dimensional letters such as your business logo, contact number, tagline or letters, symbols, etc.

Can’t figure out what you want? No problem! We will send the best options that you can choose from. We will recommend only those that are fit for your business, so you will definitely save time, effort, and money.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefront

If your business operates not only during the day but also at night, then you need lighted signs. By using lighted signs, you stay visible to consumers until the morning, through the night! Light is also a plus factor for your storefront because attractive lights always pull everybody’s attention. This is a great choice for you!

Stop the search, Royal Signs & Awnings is the reputable local sign provider that you’ve been looking for. We provide a wide variety of lighted sign options, including backlit dimensional letters, digital displays, illuminated channel letters, cabinet signs, and message boards. The lighting solutions that we offer for your storefront sign are durable, stable, and of course, affordable. LED signs are far more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting methods as they consume less power and emit less carbon footprint.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panel

Sign panels are flat boards that can be made up of different kinds of material. For your marketing application, sign panels may contain your business information, name, logo, and other important details that you want to announce to the public. These solid boards are affixed to your storefront, made visible to your clients, patrons, and prospective consumers.

Royal Signs & Awnings offers custom-made sign panels that can be designed with full-color graphics and even creative images. They are flexible for varying purposes and can be produced in a low-cost budget. As a matter of fact, the pleasing attributes of a sign panel makes it a popular pick for a lot of businesses in the industry today.

From cut vinyl attached to a metal plate, a sign panel can easily be created. According to your preferences, it may append a lightbox with an acrylic panel and crystalline printing. We produce various types of sign panels, from simple door plaques to full storefront panels.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom shade awning for storefront

Installing new canopy or making use of your pre-existing awning will give you desirable results that you have never imagined. Canopy is a sun-shading device or overhang that is mostly designed to give protection to people from the sun. An awning can be in the form of a roof or window. In a way, awning also controls the amount of sunlight that streams in, but it also prevents rainwater from splashing in.

These are the remarkable attributes of canopy and awning architecture-wise, but did you know that you can also use it for the benefit of your business? Definitely yes! Getting canopy or awning signs for your business allows you to post your brand like a billboard that can be visible even to taller buildings. Typically, an awning sign can be created out of a stretched canvas that acts as an overhang to your building’s main entrance or large windows. It can include the business name and other important details as well, especially your persuasive branding message.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

Monument signs are totally monumental! These are huge, jaw-dropping promotional elements that can be placed in the entrance area of your building. Monument signs are enormous, durable, and permanent structures. These can be made through sculpting, etching, and other creative methods. Also, they can be made from different materials such as glass, marble, wood, metal, and others. Using monument signs is a way to impress your customers with grandeur and professionalism.

Moreover, monument signs may also have lighting or digital message boards. Royal Signs & Awnings designs and manufactures monument signs that are appropriate for your brand personality, location, and needs. You can request for any style such as statue-like marble sign or a sandblasted one. Royal Signs & Awnings is more than pleased to serve you!

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

If your main concern is to flaunt your business in large and tall structures, you’re looking for pole and pylon signs! This outdoor signage is inevitably visible to everybody, even those that are from a significant distance. Pole signs, pylon signs, as well as tenant signs, are people’s choices with regard to fortifying your brand and growing your customer reach.

Literally, these commercial signs are towering and huge, designed to make an impression on a wide scope of marketing audience that may be interested in your business. They can be most useful to businesses situated in an interior lot or surrounded by other establishments, not roads. Your options are not restricted when it comes to selecting the best pole sign or pylon sign. You can tell us your desired height, built, and display type.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

storefront channel letter signs and cabinet logo sign

The promotional signage that we create is meant to escalate your customer traffic and make your business known to the public. Royal Signs & Awnings fabricates outdoor signs that are appropriately tailored to your needs and desires. These are highly visible and impressive. We provide free consultation for the design and develop the most accurate concept for your commercial signs and graphic solutions.

Our vinyl signs, blade signs, and graphics are effective advertising tools. Plus, the channel letters, tradeshow displays, decals, and monument signs that we manufacture are perfect for increasing the traffic flow of your consumers. Our main goal is to make your brand memorable and spectacular!

Royal Signs & Awnings produces all types of outdoor signs, including yard signs, a-frame signs, post and panel signs, real estate signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl window signs, flag signs, blade signs, wind signs, and any other custom sign you are looking for. Whatever signage elements you need right now, we can do it for you! Yes, even indoor signs.

Our other exterior signs include:

If you did not see what you are looking for in this gallery, don’t hesitate to contact our Alief outdoor signage experts! We have all the resources to fabricate the outdoor commercial sign that you currently need. Our specialists are experienced and skilled that they are able to build and assemble every sign according to what you want and need.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Alief Outdoor Signs channel letter install fab 300x225

As mentioned, Royal Signs & Awnings can provide you with a plethora of options so that you can pick the one that really suits your needs. In addition to that, you are always involved in every aspect of the signage creation. You can observe, monitor, and assess the work that is being done so that you can easily request for any changes that have to be made or revisions that you want to bring up.

Meanwhile, if you already have a concept, idea, or a pre-made design that you want to incorporate with the final output, you can do so! We will carefully review it and discuss with you how we can work on using it, providing additional suggestions that may help you with your decision-making. We offer full and comprehensive design services. We will never hand over a half-done work. Also, our equipment is efficient, fast-printing, and accurate. Make the smart choice by hiring us as your Alief, TX outdoor signage.

We provide assistance in outdoor banner design, real estate signs, lighted exterior signs, storefront signage, and many others. Our group of talented graphic designers surely knows what design you need and how you want it to appear. We have a sign production facility where we do almost all the work. We ensure that every signage project is thoroughly and accurately done.

In the aspect of installation, our sign installer experts will do all the work for you. We know how to properly mount the signage without any risk. We promote a safe and complete installation process, securely affixing your commercial signage to the area that you have chosen.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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Royal Signs & Awnings designs and manufactures fascinating and riveting Alief outdoor signage that your business can benefit from. These promote your business, brand personality, and assist in attaining your marketing goals. We aim to give you the best, attractive, highly visible, and premier commercial signage that will draw more customers in, offering satisfaction to them.

Whenever you are ready, feel free to contact us and discuss your signage needs. We are more than excited to provide you with the assistance that you necessitate, helping you select the best choice for your business.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings at (281) 645-9935 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!